Ethics & Values

Who we are

Primoris Services Corporation was established in 2004 as the umbrella entity for a group of exceptional companies that share a strong common culture and values. The vision of our company lead founder, Brian Pratt, was to establish a dedicated group of construction/engineering professionals that would provide our clients with a competitive advantage by delivering services of unmatched value, thereby enhancing shareholder and employee interests, while maintaining the highest standards of integrity, safety and quality.

This vision is defined by the Core Values that form the basic foundation of our Company culture.

Core values


First and foremost, we believe that the safety and well-being of the public, our employees, clients, and subcontracting partners are fundamental to our success as a Company.


We will conduct our business with integrity and fair dealing toward everyone we work with, employ, and serve.


We value the relationships with our clients, our business partners, and with each other. We will foster a working environment where respect for others is the guiding principle.


Excellence in performance is at the heart of our philosophy. We take pride in providing our customers with quality, efficiency, and economy through superior planning, execution, and accountability.


We are committed to creating value by providing services with the highest ratio of quality to cost.


For over 65 years, the sustainable practices of our company have been a part of our culture and integral to our company’s strategies, daily operations and success. We are now more than ever engaged in promoting, developing and building, not only our company but infrastructure and energy projects that are focused on social, environmental and economic well-being, thereby creating value for all stakeholders.


We will embrace diversity of culture as a way to strengthen our dedication to these core values.


We encourage a sense of responsibility to the communities where we operate and take pride in serving others, contributing to worthy causes and caring for the environment.