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The ARB Underground Group’s quality of pipeline and related infrastructure construction is a major part of the foundation for the company’s 60 plus year history. ARB Underground constructs pipelines and the related infrastructure across a number of disciplines covering petrochemical and natural gas transmission and distribution pipelines, water and sewer pipelines, fiber optic cable and conduit installation, and horizontal directional drilling.

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The ARB Underground Group installs several types of underground structures including large diameter transmission pipelines for natural gas, crude oil, petrochemical and petroleum products, natural gas distribution systems, water, sewer, drainage systems, high voltage power, and communications (fiber optics).

ARB has performed this work through environmentally sensitive areas, city streets, cross country, deserts, mountains, rain forests, rivers, ports, and bays. ARB provides large diameter horizontal directional drilling up to 60 inches in diameter and up to 5,000 feet long.

Our construction services include installation, replacement, relocation, and maintenance of most types of underground infrastructure. Our group also is available 24 hours a day and seven days a week for emergency repair services.




From main to meter, ARB UG performs all aspects of natural gas distribution. The ARB Gas Distribution Division is comprised of long term and expert personnel with multiple composite crews. The services provided for utility companies include installation of gas distribution mains up to 20 inches in diameter, service lines, and regulator stations. Our primary customers that generate the work for this division are the Sempra Energy Utilities, Pacific Gas and Electric and Long Beach Energy. All distribution construction services are self-performed by ARB experienced personnel and specialized equipment. ARB maintains an award winning Diverse Business Enterprise Utilization Program to help our customers meet their DBE spend requirements with the CPUC.


Installation of large diameter transmission pipelines have been constructed by ARB's experienced pipeline personnel for natural gas, crude oil, petrochemical, petroleum products and other services. The ARB Pipeline Division has a unique history of various work environments and conditions for pipeline construction applications. Our experience includes street work in congested urban areas; work in and around major California Ports; areas with congested substructures; railroad rights of way; environmentally sensitive areas; and areas of archeological significance.

We are adept at compliance with Department of Transportation regulations specific to our industry and other regulatory agencies involved in all aspects of pipeline construction. The ARB Pipeline Division has extensive experience with a variety of construction application methods for pipelines from direct burial to directional drilling, and auger bores. Our projects vary in size from a few feet of 2-inch pipe to miles of 42-inch pipe through city and urban areas. The cross country projects that we construct range in size from a few miles to over 100 miles in length and our crews have years of experience in deserts, rough mountainous terrain, wetlands, and agricultural properties.

Horizontal Directional Drilling

ARB owns and operates five large HDD rigs with ancillary equipment and a fleet of mini HDD rigs with the ability to perform projects anywhere in the United States. Our experienced crews can cost effectively install pipeline crossings from 6 to 60 inches in diameter and distances greater than 6,000 feet, in soft soils or solid rock, beneath rivers, bays, beaches, harbors, highways, roads, railroads, wetlands or other environmentally sensitive areas. We have experience in cold weather conditions and in heavily trafficked urban conditions with extensive underground infrastructure. We also have the ability to execute intersect drills when required.

Water, Sewer, Storm Drain

ARB crews install, replace, repair and rehabilitate all types of pipelines utilized for water, sewer and drainage services. The ARB Water and Sewer Division constructs pipeline systems including PVC, HDPE, steel, concrete, clay and ductile iron pipe. Services include water, sewer, storm drains, penstock, and aqueduct installation. This division successfully completes projects for residential, commercial, and industrial businesses; and municipalities, regional water districts, and other government agencies.

The ARB Water and Sewer Division Team approaches each project individually to provide a tailor made solution to meet the needs of each client while working to minimize environmental impact. Open communication with utility and government organizations involved is paramount to thoroughly analyze any and all requirements prior to the start of construction and ensure safety, quality, and efficient installations.

The ARB Water and Sewer Division takes pride in the wide array of projects that are constructed. We successfully meet added challenges such as endangered species habitats, archaeologically significant sites, impacted water bodies, and remote hard to access projects that have required materials that could not be packed in by foot be flown in by helicopter. A variety of aircraft have been utilized from helicopters with a lift capacity of 1,200 pounds to Sky Cranes with a 17,000 pound lift capacity. Additional notable challenges that we have met with success include large bore and jacking operations for new utility connections crossings under existing buildings and in high groundwater conditions with very sandy and loose or "Type C Soils” conditions.

Integrity Services

ARB has extensive experience working with customers on projects relating to pipeline integrity. The ARB Pipeline Division provides all aspects of retrofit and integrity pipeline construction upgrades. This work includes hydro-testing, installation of pipeline launchers and receivers, valve automation, pipeline replacement, and fabrication. Our crews perform this work in all types of construction environments from very rural undeveloped areas to very congested urban areas. The ARB Pipeline Division performs this work with in-house forces and specialized equipment subcontracting only to meet DBE requirements. ARB offers 24-hour emergency response services and with offices and yards located throughout California response time is minimal.

Pipeline Relocation / Maintenance / Rehabilitation / Replacement

ARB performs all aspects of pipeline construction. This includes all types of pipelines in all types of environments. In addition to new construction, the company excels in all aspects of pipeline maintenance.

Station Construction – Compressor, Pump, Regulator

ARB performs all aspects of station construction relating to the operation of pipelines. This includes upgrades retrofits and new grass root construction.

Pipeline Launchers & Receivers

ARB performs all work associated with the fabrication and installation of launchers and receivers for the placement and retrieval of smart pigs. This work is often included as part of the companies pipeline integrity services.

Hydrostatic Testing

Since 1960, ARB has provided hydrostatic testing services on thousands of miles of transmission pipelines. Our crews have performed tests on pipe diameters ranging from 2 to 48 inches, and in lengths from a few feet to over 100 miles. In terms of equipment and personnel, ARB is the largest hydrostatic testing contractor in the Western United States and has the ability to mobilize quickly throughout our extensive service area.

Hydrostatic testing services offered by ARB include cleaning, testing, dewatering, and drying pipelines. Certified test reports and all other information are submitted to the owner at the completion of each project documenting that the pipe has been tested according to Owner specifications as well as any Federal or State regulations that apply.

As a leader in the pipeline construction and hydrostatic testing industry, the ARB experience and expertise in pigging operations and test water management allows us to provide these services in the safest, most efficient and cost effective way possible.

Joint Trench

ARB utilities crews have extensive experience with the installation of all types of underground infrastructure. ARB Underground utility crews specialize in gas distribution, electrical distribution, Joint trench applications, and overhead to underground service conversions. ARB provides turnkey services in joint trench design to final construction of gas, electric, telephone, cable TV and streetlight facilities in all city and urban environments. Our expert and experienced personnel with specialized equipment are available to enhance the joint trench process on Rule 20 projects with utility companies and the communities they serve.

Penstock / Aqueduct

ARB performs all aspects of construction for the installation, replacement, and maintenance of Penstock pipelines. The company has the experience and equipment necessary to provide these services in the most difficult terrain and location.

High Voltage Underground Conduit & Cable

ARB performs underground installation of high-voltage electric conduit and cable. Much of this work is very complicated, occurs in highly congested areas and due to its nature can be intrusive to the nearby community. ARB's experience successfully keeps these types of issues on a project to a minimum.


Pipeline Relocation / Maintenance / Rehabilitation / Replacement

ARB performs all aspects of pipeline construction. This includes all types of pipelines in all types of environments. In addition to new construction, the company excels in all aspects of pipeline maintenance.



Underground construction for power transmission and distribution


Pipeline Construction

Oil, Gas, Chemical

Pipeline Construction / Maintenance / Integrity Services

Pipeline & Underground

Construction, maintenance, integrity services, HDD

Water & Wastewater

Install, replace, repair and rehabilitate all types of pipelines utilized for water, sewer and drainage services

Utilities & Distribution

From main to meter, ARB performs all aspects of natural gas distribution, joint trench, Rule 20, and cable and conduit

Engineering, Products, Services

Constructability and pre construction reviews



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