BW Primoris

We provide one integrated team able to engineer, procure, construct, own, operate, and maintain water and energy utility infrastructure. By applying the capabilities of PSC and our partners to each customer’s unique needs, we develop tailor fit solutions and take on the responsibility to deliver the needed utility service for the duration. Our single point of responsibility with a focus on collaboration minimizes risk, delivery schedules, and cost. We are owners, operators, and constructors of America’s infrastructure and are ready to help you with you any aspect of your water and energy service requirements.

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BW Primoris was founded to provide a safe, affordable, and reliable, supply of water to municipal governments, water districts, and industrial clients in the United States and we continue to work to effectively distribute water to municipal and industrial users. Over time, our vision grew to include natural gas systems and the delivery of solar generated electricity.

In 2014 PSC acquired Blaus Wasser which was active in developing water projects in west Texas.

Working directly with our municipal and industrial clients we concentrate on delivery of utility services and infrastructure with long-term agreements allowing for manageable budgetary planning for both the short and long term. We seek first to understand our customer’s needs and then meet those needs through our vast network of resources and people. Our goal is to be a long term partner for reliable and cost effective solutions to your water and energy needs.


Engineer, Build, Own, and Operate

  • Water treatment systems
  • Water conveyance and storage
  • Wastewater collection and treatment
  • Municipal and industrial water reclamation and reuse
  • Water infrastructure modernization and optimization
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Natural gas utility services
  • Renewable energy production facilities

Water Supply Development

  • Fresh and brackish groundwater
  • Surface water


Water and Wastewater

  • Municipal drinking water
  • Industrial process and cooling water
  • Municipal, commercial and industrial wastewater
  • Recycling and reuse of municipal and industrial wastewater including oil field produced water

Natural Gas Supply and Distribution

Renewable Energy Supply and Distribution



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