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Primoris I & M has decades of experience and successful performance on large scale earthwork and site development projects primarily in the industrial facility environment. The group is known for their expertise in dealing with unique soils and groundwater conditions, having the expertise to customize a solution for the site regardless of its challenges. Selection of the right equipment for a specific application plays a major role, in addition to having the experience, knowledge and expertise in earthwork/material applications. Providing the highest level of quality through safe performance, productivity and efficiency is the goal of Primoris I & M. Primoris I & M has a proven track record of getting project owners off to a strong start on a project’s first phase of construction, which is critical to the overall project schedule and ultimate success of the project.

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Primoris I & M, previously referred to as the Infrastructure and Maintenance group, has a long history of serving its customers throughout the Gulf Coast States. The group has operated as a division of James Construction Group specializing in site work and earthwork construction since its inception in 1988. Primoris I & M’s capabilities continue to grow pursuing both large and mega projects with the support and vast resources of the parent company, Primoris Services Corporation.



  • Heavy Civil

In addition to site development and earthwork construction, Primoris I & M offers all phases of remedial construction, landfill construction, impoundment closures, mining services, gypsum stack construction and closures and other unique projects which require heavy civil related expertise, specialized earthwork applications, material handling capabilities and maintenance.


  • Solid Waste Facilities
  • Gypsum Storage Impoundments

In addition to construction, Primoris I & M offers specialized services in the field of civil related maintenance. This typically includes industrial plant sites which require the storage of material bi-products from its manufacturing processes. Maintenance at these site include landfill and gypsum impoundments. Also, mining of phosphate material is a service offered at specific sites typically located in the Florida region.

Other maintenance services include: geo-technical monitoring, water management erosion control, pipeline maintenance, gypsum stacking, road maintenance and construction, grass maintenance, geotextile and liner installation/repair and facility maintenance and operations.


Primoris I & M performs its services in numerous industrial facilities throughout the energy markets as shown below. Large site development and infrastructure are required for major construction of new industrial facilities and the expansion of existing facilities.

  • Power
  • LNG
  • Oil, Gas, Chemical



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