Vadnais Trenchless Services, Inc. is a General Engineering Contractor that has been in operation for 50 years. Vadnais is a well-established contractor specializing in microtunneling, deep concrete caisson shaft construction, and steel pipe liners. We pride ourselves in being able to provide the required expertise and equipment to meet all of our client’s trenchless needs.

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Founded in 1968 as a civil underground contractor, and later developing into a Microtunneling Specialist in 1993, Vadnais was acquired by Primoris Services Corporation in 2014. Vadnais is headquartered in Vista, CA and maintains regional offices in Roseville, CA and Houston, TX.

Vadnais has been delivering trenchless construction (microtunneling) for over 24 years with projects ranging in size from 12 to 110 inches in diameter and drive lengths up to 1,650 feet. With an extensive company-owned equipment fleet and in-house fabrication facilities, Vadnais has built itself into a U.S. leader in the field of microtunneling. To date, the firm has installed over 200,000 LF of pipe using microtunneling methods similar to those anticipated for the Fourth Street 84-Inch Interceptor Phase IV-A Project.

Vadnais Trenchless Services, Inc. has been successfully performing microtunnel installations since 1993. We have completed crossings ranging in size from 12-inches up to 102-inches in diameter, with single drive lengths exceeding 1,600 LF. Installations can be either single-pass (direct-jack) or two-pass (case & carry). We have successfully installed all available products of jacking pipe including steel casing, fiberglass, concrete, clay, and polymer concrete pipe. Through 2016, Vadnais Trenchless Services, Inc. has installed over 200,000 LF of microtunneled crossings beneath environmentally sensitive areas, dense urban areas, rivers, canals, streets, railroads and major highways, as well as lake and river taps.

The safety and health of the employees is Priority #1 at Vadnais. We believe that all accidents and long-term exposure risks can be prevented and the certified safety professionals have dedicated resources to achieving an injury and illness free workplace. Our dedicated safety personnel work to create a safe environment, identify and eliminate hazards, and communicate the latest safety information through training. We remains current on federal and state occupational safety and health regulations and the safety staff researches and facilitates implementing the latest safety equipment. These efforts result in maintaining one of the lowest Workers’ Compensation Experience Rating Modifiers in the industry, 0.53 (2017).



  • Trenchless Pipeline Installation
  • Conventional Pipeline Installation
  • Steel Pipe Re-Lining
  • Deep Access Shafts


  • Tunnel Boring Machines – We have the in-house capabilities to design and fabricate many of the components of our Microtunneling Equipment. We use the latest technologies ensuring complete satisfaction of our clients.
  • Slurry Separation Equipment – We have designed and manufactured many of our slurry separation (processing) plants. By using our extensive experience in slurry microtunneling, we have been able to develop extremely mobile processing plants for our small to mid-size tunnel projects saving our clients time and money.


  • Pipeline – We maintain the equipment and expertise to perform both trenchless pipeline installations as well as conventional cut & cover pipeline installations.
  • Water, Wastewater and Storm Water – We are capable of installing all sizes and piping materials for water, wastewater and storm water pipelines utilizing various trenchless methods.
  • Utilities & Distribution – We have successfully installed both wet and dry utilities using both cased and direct-jacked microtunnel methods. Utilities installed include electrical duct banks, natural gas transmission mains, crude oil transmission lines, and petrochemical distribution lines to name a few.
  • Lake Taps – Direct installation of microtunneled pipelines into lakes, rivers and reservoirs have been performed for intake facilities.
  • Deep Concrete Access Shafts – We design & build deep reinforced concrete caisson shafts in sizes ranging from 16-ft ID to 40-ft ID and up to depths of over 100 feet. These structures can be used for temporary shoring facilities, storage vessels or pumping stations.



2130 La Mirada Drive
Vista, CA 92081


Northern California
300 Harding Blvd., Suite 111
Roseville, CA 95678

South / Midwest
4418 Bluebonnet Dr., Suite 401
Stafford, TX 77477