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Oil, Gas & Chemical


Primoris constructs a wide variety of complex projects for major oil refinery and petrochemical clients. Our multi-disciplined, direct-hire services for refinery upgrade and retrofit projects include heavy civil work, fabrication and installation of carbon-steel and alloy piping systems, ASME code stamp welding services, structural-steel erection, and heavy rigging and equipment erection.

Industrial Gas Production – We are also industry leaders in the construction of industrial gas facilities, as evidenced by an unparalleled track record of successful experience with several of the largest producers of industrial gases in the world. Over the last several years, we have been actively involved in the construction of new hydrogen producing plants and air separation plants in support of refineries and chemical producing facilities throughout the United States. We have worked with both engineering firms and the industrial gas producers while self-performing all of the major civil and mechanical phases of the new grassroots facilities and existing plant expansions.

Liquid Terminals – We have extensive experience in all aspects of marine-based and land-based liquid-terminal construction, from civil and underground piping to mechanical equipment and above-ground piping. Our capabilities include the erection and repair of storage tanks, fire suppression systems, and truck-loading racks. When combined with the capabilities of our Underground operations, we can offer true turn-key installations.

Oil and Gas Facilities – We provide turn-key construction services for the storage and movement of oil and gas products. Our expertise includes the construction of pump and compressor stations, ancillary equipment, and piping. We also have experience in the construction of waste-gas recovery systems, in which waste gas is cleaned, compressed, and returned to the process system for use as a fuel source. Has a proven track record of service to the gas processing industry. JCG’s experience includes revamps of existing facilities and start-to-finish construction of grassroots plants that require site development, civil, process mechanical, and final testing and commissioning. Our company has the ability and manpower to execute large-scale projects and has served as general contractor and subcontractor on numerous jobs at gas processing facilities.

Performs a wide range of services for the chemical processing industry, from concrete foundations to heavy equipment installation. The chemical processing industry has the largest concentration of plants in the Gulf Coast region of the United States. JCG’s full-service locations in Louisiana, Texas, and Florida are ideally situated to serve the growing needs of existing facilities and of companies with grassroots projects.