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Primoris has been an industry leader in underground pipeline installation. We are one of the largest and most diverse pipeline construction service providers in the nation. Our company installs, replaces, repairs and rehabilitates natural gas, refined product, water and wastewater pipelines. Our construction crews have extensive experience working in all types of environments, including highly congested urban, suburban, residential, and rural cross-country.

Transmission Pipeline - Primoris installs large and small diameter pipelines for the transmission of natural gas, crude oil, petrochemical and refined petroleum product. We have developed the expertise to build pipelines through environmentally sensitive areas and congested city streets, as well as cross-country mainline construction. The company is capable of performing as the prime contractor or as part of an EPC partnership.

Distribution Pipeline - We construct and maintain natural-gas pipeline distribution systems from main to meter. Most of our distribution projects involve the underground installation of steel or polyethylene pipe. Typical methods of installation include open trench, cut and bore, insertion, and horizontal directional drill.

Water and Sewer Pipeline - Our services include new installation, replacement, repair, and rehabilitation of underground water, sewer, and drainage pipeline systems. Repair services include routine maintenance as well as inspection, pressure testing, and line survey. Rehabilitation services include the ability to refurbish existing pipelines, in-place.

Power and Communications - We install underground systems for high voltage power transmission as well as telecommunications including fiber optic cable. This service has been provided to many major utility companies throughout the Western United States.

Horizontal Directional Drilling - Our Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) operations operate multiple large drilling rigs, with the ancillary equipment, and have the ability to perform projects anywhere in the world. Our experienced crews can cost-effectively install pipeline crossings in soft soil or solid rock, beneath bays, riverbeds, roads, railroads, wetlands, or other environmentally sensitive areas.