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PCS Nitrogen Reformer Expansion – Ammonia Plant


Reformer Expansion – Ammonia Plant


Primoris was retained by PCS Nitrogen to expand the reformer island of its vintage 1965 ammonia plant at Port Lisas. The objective was to increase output from 750 STPD to 1050 STPD—with provision for future expansion to 1200 STPD

Primoris revamp work resulted in a newly upgraded plant with output exceeding 1050 STPD, and featured the following:

  • Improved process reliability and efficiency, including through installation of new HP-Micro alloy fired-heater tubes
  • The radiant extension modules—including ceramic fiber insulation—were supplied fully fabricated and painted, and were then bolted to the end wall of the existing reformer, which was removed during turnaround.
  • Supplementary combustion air was added to the gas turbine exhaust (part of combustion air supply) to achieve needed capacity.
  • Collaboration with Ammonia Casale on process design

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