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Gas Storage Compressor Station


Lodi Gas Storage Compressor Station Project

Location: Sherman Island, California Lodi, California

Lodi Gas Storage LLC contracted us for this grass roots installation of the following facilities:

Construction of the Mainline Withdrawal and Injection Metering Station - Sherman Island, CA

Construction of 5 Each Storage Field Wellhead Sites and Water Separation Facilities - Lodi, CA

Construction of the Compressor Station Including the Following Scopes:

  • Site Clearing and Preparation
  • F/R/P Equipment and Building Foundations
  • Fabrication and Installation of All Station Piping
  • Installation of All the Electrical and Instrumentation for the Station
  • Installation of 2 Each Caterpillar 3600 Drivers
  • Installation of Engine Emissions Controls
  • Installation of 2 Each Cooper Reciprocating Compressors
  • Installation of Gas Coolers for Each Compressor Train
  • Installation of Glycol Dehydration Equipment
  • Installation of all Other Station Buildings and Facilities

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