We specialize in turnkey engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) for small and mid-sized liquefied natural gas (LNG) plants, hydrocarbon reforming – including hydrogen, ammonia, methanol – and renewable energy production facilities such as biofuel and waste-to-energy plants.

The Company also designs and delivers a full range of direct-fired furnaces and related combustion technologies, including burner management systems, waste heat recovery systems, NOx reduction technologies and thermal oxidizers. We are experts in furnace revamps and retrofits, and we support process facilities with a range of custom spare parts.

We have delivered solutions for most of the major energy producing companies, and has a growing presence in the market for renewable, environmentally sustainable energy. We are distinguished by our ability to manage projects on a fixed-price basis – from concept to commissioning.

Specific Services

  • Mid-sized LNG Facilities
  • Renewable Energy Production Facilities
  • Hydrocarbon Reforming
  • Direct-fired Furnaces
  • Solar Projects
  • Mid-sized EPC Projects