Community Development

PSC has a long history of helping the communities in which we work grow and prosper. We believe that it is our responsibility to add value to the communities that require our services will in turn provide us with an educated work force, skilled partners, and advanced technologies. Being involved in issues that affect our communities and striving to improve life for those around us we are making a tangible investment in our future.

PSC is committed to partnering with organizations that work to better the communities where we operate and our employees live. We strive to understand, respect, and learn from the diverse cultures and traditions of local communities. By being involved locally and participating in events we are in a position to work on the needs of specific communities. The PSC Community Outreach and Environmental Stewardship Committee plans to focus on opportunities in the following areas.

  • Education
  • Armed Forces and Returning Veterans
  • Reduce / Recycle / Reuse Program