Our Values

PSC's highly regarded reputation has evolved over many years and is among the company's most valuable assets. Ethics policies based on sound judgment and fair dealings are vital to PSC's clients and integral to PSC's reputation.

Stakeholder Engagement

Our employee engagement efforts are designed to equip our employees with the information and resources they need to make the right decisions.

We engage with our clients, business partners, suppliers and subcontractors on ethics and compliance as part of our regular business processes. We seek to do business with third parties who share our standards and values. Our clients depend on us to bring our ethical culture and innovative pragmatic solutions to the construction of their projects.


PSC believes in the solid economic empowerment supported by the utilization of a cross-cultural, ethnic, Veteran and gender diverse supplier base. Supplier Diversity is not simply a social responsibility, but also a business imperative that strives to ensure the continued economic growth of our community. PSC creates and maintains a culture of inclusion and diversity in its workplace and we extend those inclusionary practices to our supplier base. The focus of Supplier Diversity has become a foundational element of our corporate culture.